Lizzo Showering A Stripper With Cash While ‘Truth Hurts’ Plays Is All You Need Today

While everyone’s going around claiming to have taken various DNA tests to confirm themselves as 100% That Bitch™, Lizzo is living her own test results every single damn day. This week, it involves her living out a long-held dream where she showers a dancer in money at a strip club while her music blares over the club’s speaker system.

[jwplayer NQjBCmN6]

Does what it says on the tin, really. Lizzo dropped into the Allure club in Atlanta, which probably immediately started blasting her huge #1 track ‘Truth Hurts’, and chaos ensued.

Legit, the below clip she posted on Instagram has a whole lot going on; Lizzo’s palming away notes from a fat stack of cash, a dancer is in the full nud twerking for her life in front of her, everyone’s having a great time, there’s someone helping a friend with a whole-ass nip slip – this video has bloody everything.

Some huge energies here from the singer/rapper/flautist and now actor who’s about to make her big-screen debut with Hustlers, which hits Aussie cinemas on October 10.

Lizzo said in the post that she felt like she wasn’t “cool enough” to not only have her song play in the club but also be there to pay the dancers out the wazoo for their frankly impressive and enviable skills, but here we are. She is, and always will be, more than ~cool enough~ for that.

Anyway, bathe in that video. Watch it over and over like a mantra for your life, a model on which to live your absolute Best Bitch Self for the rest of the year, because your DNA results do not lie.

Lizzo will be bringing her blessed energies to Australia next year as part of the FOMO Festival tour, and I absolutely cannot WAIT to see what she brings down under. Hook it to me veins.