Lady Gaga Crowd Surfed To Metallica At The Grammys & Nailed The Landing

It’s totally understandable if you’ve been having trouble paying attention to the Grammys after being mesmerised by Lady Gage shooting the world daggers on the red carpet.

Totally a-ok. Calling that a strong look would be the understatement of the century.

But Gaga is not just there to enslave a generation by smouldering into the camera, HypnoToad-style.
After smacking the Super Bowl out of the park last week, Gaga took her talents to Los Angeles to couple up with Metallica of all people as they belted through ‘Tallica’s recent actually-not-too-bad single ‘Moth Into Flame.’
Despite the curse of Grammy equipment malfunction this year falling on James Hetfield (MAKE SURE HIS MIC IS ON FIRST YOU FOOLS), and despite the howls from Metallica’s notoriously crotchety “traditional fans” (“IT’S NOT METAL” they yell while sinking further into the tar pit).
There was fire. There was riffz. And there was Lady Actual Gaga chucking a full-on crowd surf with a somehow flawless landing.



Super Bowl halftime show one week. Grammys with Metallica the next. You absolutely have not had a better seven days than that. HUGE.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty.