Lady Gaga’s Back On Her Fantastic Bullshit W/ This Monstrous Grammys Gown

God bless you, Lady Gaga. We’ve missed your absolutely batshit red carpet moments, and we’re mighty thankful that you’re back and still firmly on your absolutely wonderful bullshit.

Just look at this perfect Armani Privé insanity.

Source: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

That train is the size of an entire room, surely. At the very least you could seat 15 people around it for a little red carpet picnic.

It gets better.

Source: John Shearer/Getty Images

It’s a SECRET ONESIE, GUYS. Lil’ sneaky onesie hidden under that voluminous skirt. This is how it’s fucking done, you guys. It’s also got a lil caboosie butt piece going on.

Source: John Shearer/Getty Images

I have nothing more to say here, I just wanted you all to see this magnificence from all angles.

Actually there IS more – look at her hair:

Source: John Shearer/Getty Images

It’s SEWN TOGETHER. And there’s not one, but two different types of plaits happening.

Honestly this woman takes “extra” and then dials it up 10 notches to some untouchable level of extra no mere mortal can achieve.

Slow clapping forever for ya, Gaga.