Ladies & Gents, Here’s Our Sole Hope For 2017 Eurovision Glory

The best time of the year has arrived. Forget any holiday that involves days off, or big meals, or presents – all of that is filth in comparison. This celebration is all about outrageous outfits, and people singing while wearing big oil drums as shoes, and honouring the incredible weird beauty of Eastern Europe: we’re talking about goddamn Eurovision

The season has arrived and many of us are stoked as hell. Apparently, it’s pretty uncommon for non-European countries to be as into Eurovision as Australia is, which is why they went ahead and carved out an honorary spot for us in the comp three years ago. 
After Jessica Mauboy made me weep hysterically in 2014, we’ve had Guy Sebastian as a surprising wildcard and then Dami Im, who gave it a crack last year and ended up in second place. 
But let’s get right to the biscuits: the identity of Australia’s contestant for this year has been announced. The shockingly young and even more shockingly talented Isaiah Firebrace, who was a favourite to represent Aus, has been officially selected.
He’ll perform his new tune ‘Don’t Come Easy’, which, judging by the live Facebook vid of the performance, is a very brooding ballad that doesn’t really *scream* extravagant attire and a ridiculous set. 

Firebrace won The X Factor last year, and at only 17 should be pretty bloody stoked to perform on a stage as hallowed as Eurovision’s. 
The Eurovision festivities kick off on 9th May in KyivUkraine and run until the 13th on SBS. You can check out the live vid of his ~induction~ below: 
Source: SBS
Photo: Getty / John Sciulli.