Wrap Your Ears Around Jessica Mauboy’s Power Ballad For Eurovision 2018

OH HERE WE GO – Jessica Mauboy has released her official 2018 Eurovision song and I can practically feel the pyrotechnics, you guys.

Called #We Got Love‘ (uhh, written in the Tumblr hashtag style, rather than the more conventional #WeGotLove), it’s uplifting and catchy and shows off Mauboy’s intensely powerful set of lungs.

Because Australia remains the biggest Eurovision nerds on the planet – despite still, in 2018, not physically being part of the continent of Europe – Mauboy will be performing the tune at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal in May this year.

She said:

“I love the Eurovision Song Contest. I have since I was a little girl watching it with the family in Darwin. I wanted to write a song that captured that instinctive sense of joy of how a great song can change the darkest of moods into happiness. ‘We Got Love’ is also about how music can lift the human spirit. You can always rise above in the hardest times with something as simple as a great song.

“Eurovision, to me, is people brought together through a real love of music and all the joy that music can bring. I can’t wait to perform this song live in Portugal and see it connect with a global audience at such a special time.”

‘#We Got Love’ is by Aussie hitmakers DNA Songs, who also penned our last two Eurovision entries: Isaiah‘s top ten song ‘Don’t Come Easy‘ in 2017, and Dami Im‘s second place song ‘Sound of Silence ‘in 2016.

It’s time to bust out your inner cheesiness: Eurovision will be on SBS from 9 to 13 May. Block it out now.