Kanye West’s Tweets As New Yorker Cartoons

And just like that the internet spews forth an Inception style meme within a meme carried by a chuckle worthy high-low culture clash that totally makes sense once you become aware of its existence. This one features the cartoons of The New Yorker and Kanye West, the man responsible for burning up Twitter with hilarious observations about what it’s like to be rich, bored and famous in the year 2010. Sample Tweet: “Fur pillows are hard to actually sleep on“. Damn son, I bet they are hard to sleep on. What with all the moral justification and face tickling associated with sleeping on the skin of an animal, how’s anyone meant to get a wink?

It’s absurd and egotistical and in many cases, hard to put into any context. But I guess that’s the silly appeal of West’s Twitter output, trying to work out where it all exists on the self-awareness scale. He’s either completely out of touch with the common man or way more intelligent than we give him credit for.

See Cartoons Via Paste

Title Image by Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty