A Bloke’s Cartooning The Crap Out Of Kanye West’s Insane Tweet-Rants

An artist from Ohio has decided to immortalise Kanye West‘s ever-fantastic Twitter presence in the illustrious artform of cartoon. 

Josh Hara has decided that the rapper’s meltdowns, while obviously fabulous as a standalone entity, needed a lil’ somethin somethin else. 
We would go into detail about the content of Ye‘s tweet-rants, but… There’s… There’s just too many. The one in which he asked Mark Zuckerberg for $53 million. Oh, and his one last night about legendary producer Bob Ezrin was particularly noteworthy. He keeps calling himself a god, and talking about how much debt he’s in, and demanding to win a Grammy – all the while refusing to sell his current album, ‘The Life of Pablo’
The imagery hath no chill, no chill whatsoever. It’s ruthlessly perfect. Just bloody perfect. 
He’s only done three of them so far, but we’re hoping for a continuation of this entirely necessary art:

Source: Twitter
Photo: Twitter