You Can Read Kanye West’s ‘Book’ On His Twitter Right Bloody Now

Kanye West‘s first ‘book’ is available to read right now on his Twitter account, because it is his Twitter account.

After a posting scattershot spree of draft images and observations, the rapper / designer / pop-cultural cornerstone announced that his latest project is a ‘book’, written in real-time.

Just a casual explosion of the way we understand books. No big deal.

Obviously not content to leave the concept hanging, West continued his own House Of Leaves, further shattering conceptions on what a book can actually be.

With dalliances into existentialism, discussions on the importance of originality, and the casual name-dropping of VC-type Anthony Schiller, it seems West is really back out here dropping wisdom on the masses:

Less clear: whether these observations will ever be printed and bound, or repackaged and published online. Like any other book.

Still, going by his thoughts on the importance of separating creative endeavours from financial gain, it seems unlikely he’ll charge for his ‘book’. Truly, we are blessed.