Kanye West Denies Designing ‘Blexit’ Merch, Cuts Ties In Explosive Tweets

Kanye West has denied designing the ‘Blexit‘ sweatshirts handed out by an American conservative political group over the weekend, saying that he “never wanted any association” with the movement and that he has been “used to spread messages I don’t believe in.”

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Taking to Twitter, West addressed the recent appearance of the ‘Blexit’ apparel, which right-wing agitator Candace Owens palmed out at the Young Black Leadership Summit hosted by Turning Point USA in Washington D.C. There’s also a handy webstore.

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‘Blexit’, of course, stands for ‘Black exit’, and has been used by Owens as a handle for her campaign to encourage African-American voters away from the Democratic Party. 

At the summit, Owens said “Blexit is a renaissance and I am blessed to say that this logo, these colours, were created by my dear friend and fellow superhero Kanye West.”

That claim has now been disputed. The rapper and entrepreneur tweeted that his recent political statements have been misconstrued; going further, he said he did introduce Owens to the person who designed the logo – but had no personal involvement with its creation.




It is not yet clear who designed the logos, but it is clear that after a few years helming YEEZY, West probably could have done a better job.

Owens is yet to respond to West’s claim, but the two do have a history.

In May this year, West appeared alongside Owens during an ill-fated appearance on TMZ Live, in which his statement that slavery was a “choice” was torn to shreds by TMZ‘s own Van Lathan. 

West has also met with Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. At this point, we must remind you that Turning Point USA was the group responsible for the college campus protest which put conservative activists in diapers to protest the alleged fragility of progressive students.

West’s about-face also comes shortly after his Oval Office meeting with President Donald Trump himself, in which he outlined his vision for Trump-branded factories, “male energy”, and alternate universes.

The rapper’s previous flirtations with conservative agitators and their dingus leader makes today’s disavowal notable. Also notable: some other tweets from this morning, hewing close to Kim Kardashian‘s political specific political agendas, especially considering the broader Kardashian-West clan’s disapproval of his recent messaging. 



Whether West’s latest about-face sticks is yet to be seen.