Kanye West’s New Yeezys Look Like You Asked Somebody To Draw A Pair Of Crocs From Memory

kanye west shoes twitter

Kanye West has taken to Twitter to share a picture of what looks to be a new pair of Yeezys and good lord, what are THOSE?!

The rapper-turned-fashion mogul is renowned for his eccentric fashion choices, but sometimes it just feels like he’s starting to take the piss. Sure, we’ll all inevitably come around to the idea of it because, you know, capitalism, but that doesn’t make it any less shocking when he shares his latest designs.

Yeezy shared the photo on Twitter on Sunday with nothing but a dove emoji to caption the post.


To be quite honest, the shoes look like you asked somebody to draw a pair of Crocs from memory. But as you’d expect, Yeezy fans were quick to compliment Kanye on his impeccable fashion sense.

Some went so far as to call Kanye the son of God.

While others reckon this is some UFO shit.

But the Crocs drawn from memory are just one of several prototypes Kanye leaked on Twitter today.

For starters, we’ve got these weird monsters that look they came out of the deepest depths of the ocean.


And let’s not forget whatever the heck the TURRELLIENS are.


These shoes with an “important shape” will also get an honourable mention.


But the winner here really has to be the Knit + Foam shoes because I hate to admit it, but I actually kinda vibe them.


The hint at a new pair of Yeezys comes after Kanye West’s numerous public breakdowns amid his announcement that he’s running for president in 2020.

Obviously, Kanye’s mental health is no laughing matter, and the Kardashian-West family deserve privacy surrounding those issues while they work through them, so we won’t be speculating on that in this story.

In the mean time, we can speculate on what ridiculous fashion trend Kanye West is going to bring out next. We know we’ll make jokes about it at first, but at this point it’s inevitable that we’ll all be eyeing off a pair of those chunky Yeezy sneakers at some point in our lives.

Say what you will about the guy, but he sure knows how to make me want to spend my money on ridiculous-looking shoes.