Justin Bieber Explained His Tour Cancellation And No, It Ain’t About Church

Justin Bieber issued a brief response to fans after the shock cancellation of the remaining dates on his Purpose world tour, just before wild allegations emerged that he cut it short to focus on his faith and the prospect of starting his own church.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the 23-year-old explained “everything’s fine,” but “I’ve been on tour for two years.”

Speaking to the ~ fans ~, Bieber said “I love you guys, I think you guys are awesome.

“Sorry for anyone who feels disappointed or betrayed, it’s not my heart or anything.”
To be fair, his tour has been a long slog, but the announcement was still a huge surprise to ticketholders across Asia and North America.
Bieber said he planned on maxing, relaxing, and, uh, riding some bikes. Notably absent: plans to found his own Hillsong-style Assembly of God fellowship. 
But, if you’ll allow us to wildly and baselessly extrapolate from his statement “have a blessed day”, he is 100% taking a breather from music to build upon his Christian faith.

Of course, all of this comes after Bieber touched down in Australia to attend a Hillsong conference, but TMZ reports a source close to Hillsong heavy-hitter Carl Lentz as saying the pastor didn’t advocate for Bieber to shelve his remaining dates.

Watch this space.
Source: News.com.au / TMZ. 
Photo: Dave J Hogan / Getty.