It Is The Year Of Our Lord 2016 & Axl Rose Is Probs Gonna Sing In AC/DC

Purists, cross your arms and prepare to furrow your brows, because all empirical evidence suggests that this is a real thing that’s actually going to happen.

Whilst last week we got swept up by the rumour of Axl Rose stepping in to sing for AC/DC (a rumour that precisely zero people asked for, mind), it would now appear to be an all-but forgone conclusion.
The Guns N Roses lead throat seems practically certain to be the one to step into the shoes vacated by the ailing Brian Johnson.
Photos published today by TMZ clearly show Rose leaving the Atlanta studio known to be the HQ for all things Acca Dacca, followed a short while later by the remaining members of the band.
Though Guns N Roses does have a highly publicised “original lineup” world tour planned for this year, meaning Rose’s duties are stretched thin as is. The GnR tour is slated for 21 dates through the US summer, coupled with a run of shows in April leading up to an appearance at Coachella.
AC/DC, for what it’s worth, has a run of shows in Europe scheduled for May through early June. At this early stage, the schedules appear to be compatible, although given Rose’s less-than-stellar attendance record, it’s above and beyond a big ask.
But hey, this is from the man who once hired Buckethead to replace Slash. So stranger things have absolutely happened before.
Source: TMZ.
Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty.