Guns N Roses To Play V8 Supercars?

Guns N’ Roses (or should I say the formerly epic rock band that is now Axl Rose and his hired hand session players) are tipped to headline the V8 Supercars race final at Sydney’s Olympic Park in December. Broom broom! At first I thought this was the coup of the decade because I envisage V8 enthusiasts would like a bit of “Welcome To The Jungle”… but, although I know nothing about cars, I’m pretty sure V8 Supercars are as Aussie as Waltzing Mathilda, mate; so a bunch of beer charged flag waving motor heads would probably prefer to rock out to Hunters and Collectors or Rose Tattoo instead of a washed up ranga with braided hair.

(Cue impassioned abuse from Axl fans in the comments section)

Via The Telegraph

Title Image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty