Everything You Need To Know About Voting In Triple J’s Hottest 100 Of 2019

Triple J has revealed the key dates for next year’s Hottest 100 countdown, priming a music-hungry public for the big ol’ ranking.

[jwplayer oTUtyuBC]

The public broadcaster spilled the details yesterday, advising punters that voting opens next week, on Monday, December 16.

The voting period runs through 3pm on Monday, January 20. That should be enough time for you to work it all out, but we wouldn’t begrudge you for finding the task a bit daunting.

The countdown itself kicks off smack bang on Saturday, January 25. The next day: a solid block of local music, recognising Australia’s national holiday.

Monday, January 27 will see Triple J broadcast the Hottest Tunes Ranked Between 200 And 101. Expect there to be some real heat in there. Real connoisseur shit.

If that’s not your speed, cop Double J’s broadcast of the Hottest 100 of 1999 on the same day. We hope you like Powderfinger. 

Keep in mind that brigading the vote or trying to influence it in vaguely hacker-y ways is frowned upon, and Triple J warned punters this year that “any campaign that undermines the Hottest 100 may be disqualified or ignored.” Fair warning!

If none of that really tickles you – and if you feel like being extremely glum – feel free to email me at david@pedestriangroup.com.au. I will send you a playlist of my favourite tunes of the past year, which you can play at ear-splitting volume over the Triple J broadcast. Just a thought.

Also worth noting is the fact Triple J has partnered with Greening Australia. Long story short, the broadcaster is looking to translate some of the hype for its countdown to the non-profit, which restores habitats across the nation. They even reckon every $30 pledged will nab you a free Hottest 100 temporary tattoo, which is slick.

You can cop those details here, friends.