Just Three Votes Currently Separate 100 & 101 In The ‘Hottest 100’ Count

You there! Dumbass! Put in your Hottest 100 votes yet? You should. Because it’s an absurdly close count this year, according to Triple J.

[jwplayer vWVjZGsz]

The blessed youth broadcaster is lining up for their annual countdown on Sunday week, and the voting window is rapidly closing. And if you haven’t chucked yr votes in already, now’s the time to do so, because the margin on the list is reportedly razor thin.

Triple J revealed today that the gap at the bottom end of the poll is so narrow that just three votes currently separate the songs sitting at #100 and #101. Three votes.

That’s the current difference between a tune making it onto the official Hottest 100 list for 2019, and a tune having to wait a full day to be aired on the extended and slightly less prestigious Hottest 200.

It’s likely we won’t see a repeat of 2007’s countdown where Muse beat out Silverchair for the top spot in the list by just 14 votes in total. But it’s the lower-level rankings that are really duking it out for prime positioning this year.

The voting window closes at 9am on Tuesday January 22, which is next Tuesday for those of you keeping score at home.

The final voting tally will then be collated and kept under strict lock and key until the 2019 Triple J Hottest 100 broadcast begins at midday AEDT on Sunday January 27th.

There’s still time yet, folks. Whittle down those shortlists and chuck yr votes in.