Hockey Dad Belts Out A Macy Gray Classic In Like A Version’s 2019 Return

New year, same raft of absolute bangers coming at you on a Friday morning, courtesy of the brand spanking new class of Triple J‘s Like A Version. And 2019 is already off to a white hot start thanks to this absolute ball-tearer from Hockey Dad and Hatchie.

Fully embracing their nu-90s aesthetic, the collaborating trio has taken one of 1999’s most enduring, beloved hits – Macy Gray‘s sultry banger I Try – and taken it to a somewhat up-tempo place. The end result? A good-ass Friday, let me tell you.

How’s that? Straight out of a Rage playlist from way back in the day, when yr TV was the size and depth of a fridge and you had to move your bunny ears antenna just so in order to get reception.

One bug bear though, and it’s a minor one: Put the bands back in the radio studio already. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a big room Like A Version, but when there’s only three people in there it’s like peas rattling around in a chaff bag. Put the small bands back in the tiny room. Make them stand on each other’s shoulders. Save the big room only for when like… fucken… Bruno Mars or whoever decides to stop by and demands to have a 40-piece orchestra with them. Or for when TISM inevitably reunites in some form or another.

That’s my hill, and if you need me I’ll be over here dying on it. Thank you.