Hockey Dad Are Putting On A Drive-In Gig In Their Beloved Hometown, Pandemic Be Damned

Windang shredders Hockey Dad have announced they’ll be throwing a rare 2020 gig in July, coronavirus be damned. Well, it’s still gonna be responsible and socially distanced, because it’s a drive-in gig. Yep, the car party is starting up so dig those subwoofers out of the garage so you can feel the bass drum thump your heart into a new pattern.

Get in the car binch, this is how we do live gigs in now.

The Hockey Dad lads are dragging The Pinheads along for a very special park up gig at Bulli Showgrounds on July 31, which is probably a first for a lot of people who have never experienced the sheer joy of the old drive-in movies situation.

They’ll also be showing off what they’ve been up to in the last however long as well, with Hockey Dad doing a big set of their third studio album ‘Brain Candy’, which they’re dropping on the same day. Needless to say, this is gonna be a huge gig, and the first 400 cars to grab tickets will get themselves a park in the showgrounds.

Much like the classic drive-in movies, the gig will be broadcasted to your car stereos through the radio, and the only time you can get out of your car is to nip to the dunny, so pack up a little picnic basket and an esky full of frothies (for everyone but the driver, be smart) ‘cos this is gonna be a hell of a lot of fun.

Tickets will set you back a couple of bucks, well $210 per car, but if you’ve got yourself a Tarago, that’s a good seven or eight seats and ends up being like $26 each or something. Tickets go on sale from 9am on Thursday, May 28 over on Moshtix so dust the isolation cobwebs off your ticket-buying fingers and get them ready to snag yourself a spot.

Play it right, and you’ll be recreating the Bohemian Rhapsody scene from Wayne’s World on July 31.

You bloody beauty.