Pardon The Fuck Us, But That Harry Styles Australian Tour Is Still Scheduled For November

harry styles tour not cancelled

Ticketek Australia have taken to Twitter to confirm that the highly-anticipated Harry Styles tour is “proceeding as planned” and ahhh, sure Jan.

In case you’ve been living in a state of blissful ignorance for the last few months, we’re in the middle of a pandemic. If you live in Melbourne, you can’t even go to Kmart but somehow we’re supposed to believe that Harry Styles will be having an arena tour by November? Fat chance.

“The Harry Styles Australia & New Zealand tour is proceeding as planned and we are excited to welcome everyone to the events in November and December,” Ticketek shared on Twitter.

Following backlash from fans, Ticketek released the following statement:

The tour, which will apparently kick off on November 20, includes two sold-out shows at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena.

Considering we literally can’t even have two friends over right now, it seems like the most wishful of thinking to believe that 14,000 Harry Styles fans will be allowed to cram into the arena in two months. Even if the tour somehow manages to go ahead, it surely won’t be “as planned” with full-capacity, sold out arenas. Right? Right?! *looks around nervously*

If we manage to say on track for Victoria’s roadmap, we’re scheduled to reopen entertainment venues with patron caps and large events to be “treated on an individual basis based on requirements and epidemiology at the time.” To put it simply, even if the show *does* go ahead, they likely won’t be able to have 14,000 people in attendance.

Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that international borders are technically closed. But fuck it, Harry Styles world tour, baby.

As you’d expect, Harry Styles stans have taken this opportunity to absolutely roast Ticketek for being wildly optimistic and not just pulling the plug.

Anyway, see you all at Rod Laver Arena, I guess. I’ll be the guy in the hazmat suit in seat 52A.