Harry Styles Tour Tickets Sold Out In Literal Seconds & Fans Have Cracked It

That piercing screech you can hear cannoning through the city is not the council testing out the flood alarm. Rather, it’s the furious howl of Harry Styles fans raging at ticketing websites today, after tickets for his extremely short Australian tour went on sale and summarily sold out in the blink of an eye.
Getting a foot in the door for the two-city “tour” was always going to be a tough task for fans, given that Styles is playing exceedingly small (comparatively) venues in Sydney and Melbourne.
Sydneysiders will be squeezing themselves into the 1,600-capacity Enmore Theatre when he arrives in November. While in Melbourne it’s the 1,500 person Forum Theatre playing host to the former One Direction lad.
Those aren’t big venues, by any stretch of the imagination. And Styles is popular enough to fill rooms 10-times that size. So this was always going to be a shitshow.
Still, hell apparently hath no fury like a scorned Harry Styles fan short-sheeted out of getting tickets to one of the two shows, because HOLY SHIT they’ve been letting Styles, Ticketmaster and Ticketek have it.

Fucken hell.
It also didn’t help that the Bruno Mars tour *also* went on-sale today, causing Ticketek‘s already strained website to go into full-on meltdown. At the time of writing the home page is still redirecting people to a “busy” waiting queue.
That’s the bad news.
The good news, if you’re so inclined, is that there is a few spare days on Styles’ schedule on the off-chance that the tour is planning on announcing more shows.
So if you’re keen, we suggest keeping your ear to the ground and your phone at the ready. Or something like that.
And if you did manage to get a ticket in, you should probably start preparing to fight your way through a hoard of screaming ticketless lunatics crowding the outside of the theatre. It’s gonna get wild real quick.
Harry’s arriving in Sydney on Sunday, November 26th, before the whistlestop tour of Australia shifts to Melbourne on Thursday the 30th.

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated that Australian fans had the option of joining a Verified Fan pre-sale list. This list was limited to American ticket sales, and was not available in Australia. Our bad.