Harry Styles’ New Site Is Doling Out Compliments For World Mental Health Day

Harry Styles has launched a brand new website to mark World Mental Health Day, offering fans and supplicants morsels of affirmation from the big man himself.

Well, an algorithm based on Styles does the heavy lifting, but the thought it still there.

[jwplayer uhR6V6TN]

Do You Know Who You Are?, launched overnight, allows users to punch in their name and receive a nifty sentence of encouragement.

For example, entering my own name results in the following:

While that is demonstrably false, the tiny dopamine hit of imagining myself as an intuitive person is worth the price of admission (zero dollars).

You may notice that each message is capped off with the initialism “TPWK”, which fans have interpreted as shorthand for Styles’ long-running credo “treat people with kindness.” 

It is also worth mentioning that each download comes packaged with the filename ‘loveH.png’, which is a very sweet inclusion. Kudos to the programmers.

Interestingly, Styles’ website appears to express implicit support for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and the genesis of the Great War. Harry, be careful!

The website comes as posters bearing the phrase “Do you know who you are?” pop up all around the joint, heralding what must be the impending release of Styles’ second solo record.


Exciting times. If you too would like to imagine yourself as an intuitive person, feel free to do so here.

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