We’ve all become experts at keeping ourselves preoccupied during iso, but some quarantine pastimes are more creative than others. Take music duo Goldsands, for example. The lads have set the internet alight after recreating Nintendo Wii’s iconic Mii Channel theme song entirely from beer bottles (and the odd slop or two).

“Lockdown is beginning to drive us crazy, and here’s your evidence,” the duo wrote on Twitter, accompanied by 45 seconds of Nintendo Wii excellence. With a couple of beer bottles lying around, a few strums of the cello and some impactful slaps, the gang fucking nail the Mii channel track by The OneUps.

The post has since amassed over 210k likes in 24 hours. Not too shabby, hey?

This ain’t their first beer-bottle rodeo, either, with the lads posting this wondrous Game of Thrones rendition last year, too.

Musical geniuses. Chuck ’em some love over on Twitter and YouTube.

If you’re now keen to listen to Nintendo Wii music for the next 5 hours (it’s a raging Friday night, obviously), please feast your ears on track 7, below. True earporn. You’re so damn welcome.

Image: Twitter / @goldsandsmusic