We Made ‘Rick & Morty’ In Nintendo’s ‘Miitopia’ & Jerry Was A Total Jerry

With the recent launch Nintendo’s Miitopia, we started reminiscing about the joys of creating Miis.

When the Nintendo Wii first came out back in 2006, half the fun of setting it up was creating your very own digital avatar that you could use in certain games like Wii Sports.

And the editor was so flexible that you could create just about anything you wanted. Wanna whack a comically large moustache on your character’s face? Be our guest. Wanna put your Mii inside of a goddamn TV screen? Go right ahead, weirdo.

Miitopia, puts your creations into an RPG world, allowing you to assign them weird and whacky attributes that reflect their character. It adds a fun new aspect to Miis and one we cheekily played around with.

While most gamers opt to recreate themselves in the Mii world, we decided an iconic TV squad was better suited to the job. Before we reveal ours, here’s a few spot-on examples we came across.


Hello… Newman.

These are great. Look at gigantic Kramer. Look at him.

Disappointingly, the only one that seems to miss the mark is Jerry himself. What the hell is going on there? Why so much blush? Why are his eyes so close together?

Haha, nice. I mean, short of Brian having a human body, these are pretty good. Herbert is especially creepy and I’d expect nothing less.

I’m assuming they only included Joe‘s torso to reflect that he’s in a wheelchair. Weird, but attention to detail, I guess.

And last, but certainly not least, Dawson’s Creek.

Hahahaha YES.


Oh MAN that’s some good Mii creation.

I was very keen to try my hand at sculpting some TV-inspired Miis, so I recreated the cast of Rick & Morty to see what they’d get up to in Miitopia. Folks, it was bloody hilarious.

First up, I created my Rick, who would become my main playable character. I think I did a good job, too. I made his personality stubborn, which seems to fit him well.

My Rick was then thrust upon the world and its weird orby monsters. As you can see, he was shocked.

M-Morty -BURRRP- what the hell is that?

Stumbling upon a small town, Rick then encountered Morty, who, in this world, is a “carefree guide”.

As they spoke, I couldn’t help but read the dialogue in each characters voice. Some of even worked incredibly well in the context of their TV personas, particularly when I got to Beth and Jerry.

What the hell are you on, Jerry?

The only place Summer really fit into the equation was “Cheery Granny”, so that’s what she is now.

Suddenly, danger struck the village. The residents were terrified to see, in all his giant glory, the GIANT HEAD.


Ahh, just like the actual episode. Good times.

All of this happened within the first 10 minutes of the game and from there, I could recruit the whole family to go on bulk adventures with Rick and even assign them fitting job titles, like an unlockable scientist job.

As you progress, new pals can be picked up a long the way, meaning I could create even more characters from the Rick and Morty universe, like Mr Poopybutthole or Detective Baby Legs and develop their relationships accordingly. Beth and Poopybutthole? Yeah… They don’t get along anymore.

If you wanna create your own Mii squads – and you do – you can do right now on Miitopia, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.

It’s out right now, so get over to the Nintendo eShop to try the free demo.

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