Huge news for those of us missing the golden era of gaming when the Nintendo Wii was dragged out at every family lunch, get-together and sleepover: the best game on the whole damn thing is copping a sequel. That’s right casual gamer nerds, Wii Sports is coming to Nintendo Switch.

So they might have had to change the game’s name to the less-cool Nintendo Switch Sports, but behind the facelift, it’s the same format as the OG game. Chill sounds, soothing graphics, stunning settings, tiny Mii avatars all bopping around playing an array of events at varying levels of accuracy and skill — the works.

Nintendo’s trailer of the new game shows off all the sports that will be rolled out with the initial launch on April 29.

There are a couple of faves from the original Wii Sports like bowling, and tennis as well as new sports like badminton, chambara, soccer and volleyball.

The Switch iteration of the Wii Sports series will also include a leg strap that you can put your joycon in so you can kick as well as punch, bowl, swing and anything else that puts your TV at risk of being absolutely ruined by your sporting prowess.

The leg strap will be available with physical sales of Nintendo Switch Sports allowing you to boot a ball in soccer. No stress if you download the game onto your Switch when it drops though, you’ll be able to grab a leg strap (or three) separately for $13.95 each.

Nintendo also announced that a future update of Nintendo Switch Sports will bring Golf into the fold as a playable sport. I can already sense that my family is going to get extremely rowdy over this game by Christmas, and I simply cannot wait to be absolutely cooked and trying to swing a driver on a par four.

The only issue I have with Nintendo Switch Sports apart from the fact the name doesn’t hit quite the same? All the Miis have legs instead of just weirdly jumping around without touching the ground. Also where’s Matt from Wii Sports???

Image: Nintendo / Wii Sports