G Flip Frothing Steph Claire Smith In New Track ‘Drink Too Much’ Is A Vibe

g flip steph claire smith

Women fangirling over each other is always such a damn wholesome thing, so naturally, we’re all about G Flip‘s new track “Drink Too Much“.

The first line of the tune name-drops famous ‘grammer and Keep It Cleaner co-founder Steph Claire Smith, singing, “I gotta crush on Steph Claire Smith. But she’d never like no fool like me.

Listen for yourself:

G Flip, born Georgia Flipo, told triple j, “I think she lives in Melbourne because when I wrote this track… I always seemed to walk past her in Chapel Street. I was like ‘Is this a sign? Am I meant to write a song about her?’

She also explained that Smith herself has heard the track and is a bi ol’ fan, which is, you know, adorable as fuck. “I did message her because I didn’t want her to think I was a creep! She said ‘It’s epic!‘”

Please make it stop but also please continue I love this.

This isn’t the first time G Flip’s shown her affection for the rudely hot entrepreneur, sharing the below snap with a modelling shot of Smith last year. (Side note: 10 points to Gryffindor / whoever can guess what retailer’s campaign this is – can cross Portmans out given they exclusively use Victoria’s Secret models.)


Funnily enough, you can catch both Smith and G Flip at PEDESTRIAN.TV’s Selfish Weekend presented by the House of Angostura this March 16 and 17th at Sydney‘s La Porte Space. Could this be their first ever meeting? Maybe they’ll be catching the same flight from Melbs? Who knows! Happy to facilitate this beautiful bond tbh.

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