G Flip Solidified Their Icon Status By Playing The Drums At 3 Live Shows With A MF Broken Hand

Two photos of singer-songwriter G Flip sitting in a big red chair in a hospital and drumming at a music festival in Melbourne

Flipping legend and goddamn star G Flip played the drums with a broken hand at not one, not two but three shows in the US, a mere six hours after a doctor told them to can their upcoming gigs that weekend. Talk about commitment to the craft.

The Melbourne muso shared a wholesome photo (and video) dump on Instagram, which showed them speaking to doctors and rocking TF out at their shows in Houston, Oklahoma City and Chicago.

To witness such energetic drumming and singing with one free hand while the other was tightly ensconced in a sling was truly marvellous. Chef’s kiss.

In one video, the doctor told G Flip they would be out of action for four-to-six weeks. But they had other plans.

“How do you make it, like, shorter than four weeks?” G flip asked.

“Three weeks? No, we can do it.”

The doctor giggled but little did he know, G Flip was being serious. I also don’t think he realised they would be returning to the stage six hours after their appointment, but alas. The show must go on, doc!

In another clip, G Flip asked how they would wipe their ass if their arm was in a sling, which is actually something I have always wondered myself. Not specifically about G Flip but just for my own personal knowledge, should I ever break my hand. Sometimes it’s just a two-hander job, you know?

Although it’s no mean feat to smash three shows and drum with a broken bloody hand, we can’t ignore the cute AF videos of G Flip bringing a young fan onstage.

Not only do they encourage the audience to chant the wee girl’s name — “Amelia! Amelia!” — but they even asked her for cuddles and let her tie their shoelace. My heart.

We also love to see G Flip’s girlfriend and Selling Sunsets queen Chrishell Stause commenting on the post.

“You can’t be stopped! Gonna have 2 dominate hands after this. Watch out 🔥👏🔥👏,” Stause said.