HOLY SHIT: G Flip Just Smashed Out A One-Handed 5-Min Drum Solo Medley Featuring t.A.T.u. & blink-182

G Flip performing at Splendour In The Grass 2022 in front of large crowd

Calling lovers of nostalgic tunes and absolutely legendary shit: G Flip absolutely yeeted out a 5-minute drum solo medley during their Splendour In The Grass set, which included bangers from t.A.T.u, blink-182, Billie Eilish and Phil Collins. And did we mention it was one-handed, ‘cos they broke their hand a few weeks ago?

It’s a gorgeous feat at the best of times. But doing drum karaoke with a broken bloody hand? That’s truly something else.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reporters on the ground at Splendour In The Grass who are feeding back the off chops scenes. And let me tell you something: the FOMO is real. The live stream of the set isn’t cutting it.

There were blokes doing shoeys onstage, out of a shoe and out of a hat. G Flip also did a shoey and got beer everywhere.

Man doing a shoey onstage at G Flip's Splendour In The Grass set.
GO ON!!!! Photo credit: PEDESTRIAN.TV.

The dudes are believed to be G Flip’s dad and his best mate Slobber, who copped onstage seats with an esky between them.

G Flip spoke about how it’s always been a dream to play the Main Stage at Splendour and said they can ask for anything they want, like fire. And then flames came out of the front of the stage, in true Guy Fieri style.

G Flip performing at Splendour In The Grass 2022 with flames on screen, drumming.
The musical equivalent of flavour town. Photo credit: PEDESTRIAN.TV.

G Flip even did a gorgy and wholesome AF chant for their Nanna, who’s listening to the set on the radio. I’m weeping for Nanna Flip.

Throughout the set, fans were waving tiny rainbow flags and one punter even gave G Flip a non binary flag; the inclusive, gorgeous energy was radiating throughout the crowd. And in true icon style, G Flip finished their set with “GAY 4 ME“. We love to see it.

The drumming legend also revealed they broke their hand at the pub punching an arcade game that gives you a bigger score based on how hard you can punch.

Setting up a GoFundMe for me to fly to Splendour literally RN so I can hang out with G Flip and be their best mate. And also so I can meet Chrishell Stause.