Thanks to the gossip monsters at TMZ, your day just got a whole lot better. Footage has emerged of Jamie Lynn Spears, aka Britney‘s kid sister, brandishing a knife in order to break up a fight at a pita restaurant in Louisiana. 

Don’t ask us how the fight got started – maybe someone got pissed at their friend for dragging them to a pita restaurant in Louisiana – but Jamie Lynn certainly ended it, dragging her friend away, then calmly stepping behind the counter to grab a knife.

“While she never cuts anyone … the threat was enough to break up the fight,” they said. You’ve gotta stick with it until about the half-way point, but trust us, you’ll feel the deep, socially redeeming value of it all. Enjoy: 

[UPDATE – If the embedded TMZ video wasn’t working for you, here’s a YouTube clip instead].

h/t Jezebel

Photo: Jason Merritt via Getty Images