Flight Facilities Enlist Kylie Minogue For Breathy “Crave You” Reprise

Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell of Australian production duo Flight Facilities have enlisted some huge names for their long-awaited debut album, Down To Earth. But as far as we can tell, only one of those names is synonymous with gold lamé hot pants. Aside from local talents Emma Louise and Owl Eyes, cult comedian Reggie Watts and New York rapper Bishop Nehru, the Sydneysiders enlisted the come hither vocal stylings of the Australian Minister for Fabulousness, Kylie Minogue, for a ‘Reprise’ version of their hit single “Crave You”, an exquisite acapella version of which can be viewed above. 

Warning: may contain dangerous levels of sxc. 
‘Down To Earth’ drops October 24th via Future Classic.