Kylie Minogue Continues To Capture British Hearts, Crowned “Australian Of The Year In The UK”

Welcome, gratuitous award that nobody new existed! Petite cornerstone of Australian culture in the UK, Kylie Minogue, has been crowned the “Australian Of The Year in The UK” at a London ceremony overnight, during the annual Australia Day Gala.

When the population breakdown of Australians in the UK is dominated massively by mates doing the London thing and working pub jobs that pay half the wage they would back home, the pickings for the award are probably relatively slim. A quick old spin on Ask Jeeves tells me that the award went to Australian Antarctic Fellow Meredith Hooper last year, and to Barry Humphries in 2013.

But who could resist our Koiwleee?

Nobody, that’s who.

“I didn’t know I would have a MEDAL,” Kylie writes on instagram. “I didn’t know this was a THING,” I say, while feeling terrible for not following/knowing that Kylie had an instagram, and spending the rest of the afternoon catching up on her flawless #tbt archive.

How can people so regularly cope with this human? Never not slaying*:

Lead image by Francois Guillot via Getty.

*except for that one time.