Unproblematic Queen Kylie Did Two Weeks’ Hotel Quarantine In Melbourne And Didn’t Whinge Once


Proving yet again why she is our queen, Kylie Minogue has made her first public appearance after quietly slipping into Australia, and completing her mandatory fourteen days of hotel quarantine without making a peep about it.

As we’ve seen recently, thanks to a gaggle of aggrieved tennis players and influencers, many high-profile individuals seem to resent the notion being stuck in a hotel for two weeks, even if the intention is to curtail the spread of a deadly virus.

This is clearly not the case with our Kylie, who I’ll say again, is a living treasure, and we should be so lucky as to have her as our head of state.

Per reports in the Herald Sun, there were rumours that the singer had quietly slipped into Melbourne early in the year, and she was briefly spotted in the wild on January 19, having a quiet lunch with her family in Richmond.

Yesterday, Kylie made an appearance at a gig in rural Mallacoota, Victoria, to introduce a performance by her friend James Reyne. Her long-time manager Michael Gudinski confirmed that she did, indeed, complete quarantine on arrival, and didn’t make a fuss of it.

He told reporters:

“She’s been here a few weeks, she’s ecstatic to be home with her family. She’s vibing to be home, she’s going to stay in Australia for a while. There’s no talk of her doing any live shows, but she’s really impressed with the way we’ve been getting live music back in Victoria. She wanted to come up here especially and say a few words to encourage Mallacoota and the Australian music industry and obviously she’s very close to James.”

While it’s sad to hear that Kylie has no live shows planned, it is still a blessed feeling to know that she managed to last two weeks in quarantine without publicly melting down about the food and the facilities or likening it to a prison. We truly do not deserve her.