Dr. Dre – Detox Finally Going To See Light Of Day

Snoop Dogg tells us (via MTV) to get ready; “The record is really, it’s coming. You know me, I was starting to doubt it myself and then I went up in there and he (Dre) played so much music for me it knocked my head off. I see what he got them waiting for, it’s on and poppin’. He got records, he got heat.”

Ohhhhhhhh shit. Only 9 years in the making but Mr.Dogg certainly does make the chance of DRE releasing a load all over our ears in 008 look quite promising huh?

Besides Snoop and Eminem who do you think will appear as a guest vocalist on Detox?

Does Dre have a new clan of ready and waiting G-Units to revive hip-hop’s wonder years? Because you know, it’s not like our man Dre to beat a dead horse?

Will Uffie appear on any of his tracks or do you think Dre will step up his game and incorporate a pre-teen rapper like say MILLY D to raise his pro with all kids still not old enough to listen to The Next Episode in front of their mums?

Photo by Chelsea Lauren via Getty