Dizzee Rascal Writing Memoirs

British tabloid The Daily Mirror has announced that grime prodigy Dizzee Rascal has signed a publishing deal for his autobiography – under working title “The Dizzee Rascal Story” – that is due for release in October this year.

While he has always been fairly ambiguous about the behaviour that led to his reputation as a “rascal”, his 2003 Mercury Prize-winning debut LP Boy In Da Corner was crammed with unflinching references to the bleak lifestyle of the East London council estate where he grew up: violence, drugs, illegitimacy, poverty, and teen pregnancy. If the stories in his rhymes are anything to go by The Dizzee Rascal Story will be a solid page turner and provide a fascinating insight into his elusive past.

Current reports have suggested the book will be published and released by Canongate Books in collaboration with the newly-established publishing arm of the rapper’s independent record label Dirtee Stank Recordings.

Dizzee’s decision to branch into the literary world is one that has his fans totally stoked but left some critics concerned, not because of a lack of storytelling abilities but because of his appalling track record with spelling and excessive use of abbreviation.