New Fatboy Slim LP feat. Iggy Pop, Dizzee Rascal, David Byrne

Like half of Sydney, I checked out Newtown Festival on Sunday. It was a pretty boring affair, 15 minutes and it was; over it and out…

To compensate for the fact that it took us 45 minutes to drive from Marrickville to Newtown, DJ Pheebs and I decided to grab some food.

While we were sitting at a cafe on King St a dude walked past with a ghetto blaster in a wheely bin, cool… 2 strawberry milkshakes + 2 scoops of vegan ice cream later, he rolled past again.

Now you’re wondering how is this at all relevant to a post about new Fatboy Slim work? Well that wheely bin homeboy really likes his Fatboy Slim. How do I know this? Both times we rendezvoused he had Fatboy Slim blaring out of his ghettobin.

So I guess come Feb 3 2009 expect to hear new work by Fatboy Slim’s Norman Cook, featuring the likes of Iggy Pop, Dizzee Rascal and Talking Heads’ David Byrne on the streets of Sydney’s dirtiest neighbourhood.

The new work will be under the alias of BPA aka Brighton Port Authority.

Dizzee’s single is out now.