Delta Goodrem Headlines… State Of Origin 1?

Delta Goodrem will wake up the neighborhoods (one through four) with an ocean of noise as she takes to the stage as the headline entertainment act in that suburban state war that is the first round of State of Origin on Wednesday night during the month of May.

Delts will perform her controversial platinum single “Sitting on Top of the World” (which has generated its share of bad vibrations) as well “In This Life” at 7:43pm (no wasted hours there) to a full house (no empty rooms here either) prior to kick-off; in front of the mountains beyond mountains of 53,000 passionate modern men and women packed into the half lit flatlands of Etihad Stadium, all of them there to see who will claim football’s equivalent of, say, a crown of love.

The much-anticipated clash between the (antichrist television/deep) NSW Blues and QLD Maroons will be ready to start 8.10pm.

DISCLAIMER: If this post read as entirely disjointed and nonsensical (more than usual, perhaps), it was because it was composed almost entirely of Arcade Fire song titles. Good luck Delta!

UPDATE: Don’t forget that round two of the The Voice Finals Live Blog will return this evening. Watch this space – especially you, Goodrem. Pour yourself a recap here.

Via The NRL

Image via Getty/Ryan Pierse