We Shit You Not, Daryl Braithwaite Is Fanging Some Limited Edition ‘The Horses’ Tees For Free RN

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Daryl Braithwaite is an Australian icon, and frankly one of my favourite Aussie musos. Obviously, HORSES, but also if you’ve been sleeping on the rest of his discography, please immediately check out One Summer and As The Days Go By. Like stop whatever you’re doing and line ’em up on Spotify, ok?

Speaking of Spotify, Daryl Braithwaite has a new (!!!) choon out. And if you follow a playlist on the music platform, you’ll be in the running to cop one of five limited edition (!!!!) Horses (!!!) tees (!!!!!).

Here’s a hilariously photoshopped look at ’em.

Basically, Daryl’s got a new track called Love Songs, and it’s his first tune in years, maybe even over a decade. It’s a pop song that he originally thought P!nk should record, but in the end he nailed it himself.

If you wanna cop one of the Horses shirts though, it’s pretty easy going. You just have to “follow” the playlist of his complete collection on either Spotify or Apple Music via this link, and complete the form.

Honestly that shirt is pure fashion, so get hustling.

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