The Curvy Wife Guy Has Now Released A Single About His Curvy Wife

Curvy Wife Guy, Robbie Tripp

Several years ago, as you may recall, the internet had a lot of feelings about Robbie Tripp, aka Curvy Wife Guy, after he took to Instagram to profess his love for his wife Sarah‘s curvy body.

Reaction was decidedly mixed, with some praising him for his “refreshing” attitude towards body positivity, and others accusing him of fetishising his wife and setting the bar low for male feminists.

Either way, Tripp capitalised on hit status as Curvy Wife Guy, parlaying it into a large Instagram following and a bunch of sponsorship deals, and now, a budding music career.

Tripp’s first single ‘Chubby Sexy‘ dropped today, and going off the general vibe, it would seem he’s positioning himself as the wholesome Post Malone of body positivity.

It’s an extremely specific niche, but he’s here to fill it, so good on him. There’s also a wildly thirsty poolside music video, which you can watch right now:

Explaining the inspiration behind the project, Curvy Wife Guy said in a recent Instagram post:

“Last year I felt my creative winds pushing me in a musical direction for the first time in years. I wanted to create a body positive summer anthem for curvy women that would inspire them to rock their stretch marks, thick thighs, and big booty at the pool with confidence. I wanted to create something fun and sexy that celebrated fierce curvy women while, most importantly, carrying an empowering message. So I did what I do best: I put pen to paper and I started grinding to make my vision a reality.”

Curvy Wife Guy

He continued:

“In the six months that followed, I found an incredibly talented unknown producer who made me the most catchy beat you’ll hear all summer, I randomly got connected with a big time record producer/engineer in LA and recorded the track in his studio, and then once I had the final song, I went to work on the music video”.

Curvy Wife Guy

“This weekend it all came together and I couldn’t be more proud of every person who was on set to help my vision come to life. I was surrounded by the most inspiring group of people who truly bought into my mission with this song/video and they all CRUSHED IT. “