The Internet Is Dragging This Guy For His ‘I Love My Curvy Wife’ Insta Post

So about a week ago, a guy named Robbie Tripp posted the following sappy/horny love letter about his “curvy” wife, fashion blogger Sarah Tripp, on Instagram:

In case you can’t be arsed reading that wall of text, he’s basically talking about how much he loves his wife, despite the fact that she’s not model thin. He talks about how he loves her rolls, dimples and big booty, and uses the unusual phrase “she fills out every inch of her jeans“, which, like, yeah… that’s how jeans usually work??

Anyway. So far so sickeningly cute, right?

A bunch of media outlets picked up on Tripp’s post, and started churning out articles breathlessly praising him for being selflessly attracted to a woman who wasn’t a size 0.

See anything wrong with this?

Yeah, a bunch of people on the internet did, too. Tripp is being soundly dragged for appearing to want a medal for (shock, horror) thinking his wife is sexy.

Many are pointing out the inherent ludicrousness in  Tripp’s apparent desire for praise – does he consider himself a hero for finding this extremely pretty woman attractive?

I mean, I get his deal, I really do. The dude is just a verbose, positivity-obsessed TEDx speaker whose main output is rambly feel-good nonsense. And his heart is in the right place for sure.

Narrow standards of attractiveness mean that people (particularly men) who are turned on by those who fall outside of those standards are often bullied, pressured, made fun of and otherwise cajoled into either hiding their preferences or actually changing them – and talking about that can only be a good thing. Plus, plenty of women have already expressed their joy at seeing someone openly praise their body type, which so often is ignored or derided.

But maybe you don’t have to use the intimate details of your wife’s body in order to bring this stuff up, and maybe you don’t need to so obviously be angling for a Feminist Ally Trophy as you do it.

P.S. Dude, she is clearly hotter than you. Show some gratitude.

P.P.S. I am sorry to inform you that Robbie Tripp has already been Milkshake Ducked: