Princess Diana’s Death Turned Into Grisly Theme Park Attraction In The US

Priness Diana

This week in ‘Good Ideas’, sub-category ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’, a US theme park has opened up a bizarre attraction based on the death of Princess Diana.

The exhibit opened up on Friday at the National Enquirer Live! theme park in Pigeon Fort, Tennessee, and features a 3D recreation of the princess’s fatal 1997 car accident.

Robin Turner, one of the principal investors in the recently-opened theme park, told The Daily Beast a little more about what to expect, saying:

“It’s a 3-D computer model, and you’re looking down on what looks just like Paris, but it’s three-dimensional … it’s projected, and you see the buildings and everything in a 3-D presentation. And it shows the pathway as she left the Ritz hotel, and the paparazzi chasing her, and the bang-flash that we think blinded the driver – and how it happened.”

Turner added that there is “no blood” and that the recreation of the death of Princess Diana is professionally-done, “sensitively handled” and “not in poor taste”.

Visitors will, however, be invited so speculate on various wild conspiracy theories surrounding her death, and vote on which one they believe to be the most likely.

Widely-debunked theories include speculation that Diana was pregnant with boyfriend Dodi Fayed‘s baby and was murdered by British Intelligence or Buckingham Palace.

Turner continued:

“You will be polled on what you believe was the cause of her death and who was behind it. We ask questions like ‘Do you think the royals were involved?’ ‘Do you think she was pregnant?’ All we do is ask questions on: what’s your opinion?”

The Royal Family have not commented on the exhibit.

Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997, when the Mercedes Benz in which she was travelling crashed at high speed in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris.

Witnesses report that paparazzi photographers “swarmed” the car before it entered the tunnel, but police maintain that driver Henri Paul was “impaired by alcohol” and driving recklessly prior to the crash.