’90s Royals Prince Andrew And Fergie Are Back On Because Love Is Real


In what is truly outstanding news for lovers of royal drama, Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson and Prince Andrew, who were one of the most high-profile couples of the 90s, have apparently rekindled their romance more than 20 years on.

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It’s hard to overstate how big these two were back in the day – I’m pretty sure ‘Fergie’ was my first word, based on how often she showed up in my grandma’s gossip magazines – and their 1996 divorce was a true watershed moment for the royal family.

The pair, who split in 1992 before divorcing four years later, remained “best of friends” as they raised daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, and in an interview last year, she described them as “the happiest divorced couple in the world”, adding that they “never really” left each-other.

Per reports in The Mirror, they have been spending a lot of time together lately, and she has joined him on “a number of official royal visits” overseas. They recently went to Bahrain on a private trip, and stayed as guests of the Crown Prince.

The couple, both 59, continued living together after their divorce, although they reportedly dated other people for a time. Acquaintances now claim that they have become “friends with benefits” and that their current relationship is an “open secret”, as neither one is seeing anybody else.

The pair married in Westminster Abbey in 1986, making them the Duke and Duchess of York. They began to drift apart, and officially separated in 1992, as she was unhappy with the amount of time he spent away thanks to his duties as a naval officer.

In one infamous incident, several months after their separation, she was photographed having her toes sucked by American businessman John Bryan – a huge mood, to be honest.  She was condemned by fellow royals, including Princess Margaret, who said in a 1995 letter:

“You have done more to bring shame on the family than could ever have been imagined”.

Prince Philip was originally pretty miffed about the toe-sucking situation, but apparently he has “mellowed” in recent years and is okay with the reconciliation. The queen reportedly has a “soft spot” for Fergie, and invited her to Balmoral the past several years, so I guess she’s on board.

The only royal who still has a problem with Fergie is Andrew’s brother Prince Charles, who “can’t stand” her and is apparently still upset that she sided with his ex Diana over Camilla when they divorced in the ’90s.