BTS Fans Managed To Crash TikTok For A Song Preview & IDK If I’m Afraid Or Impressed

BTS / TikTok

I don’t know if I should be afraid or impressed, but BTS fans have managed to momentarily crash TikTok. How, and I genuinely mean this, do you crash that cursed app?

So here’s what happened: BTS rolled out a 30-second preview of their latest single exclusively on TikTok on Thursday. The tune, On is from their shiny new album Map Of The Soul : 7. The K-pop group also told fans to get involved with the ON Challenge on TikTok as well, which is pretty much a dance challenge to their new track. All very standard areas.

And well, TikTok broke. TikTok, the Content App, momentarily broke.

Fans were stunned. The ARMY aren’t the ARMY for nothing.

I literally typed #tiktok #crash, and a bunch of BTS related tweets came up. The power.

I’ve been laughing at this tweet for three minutes.

Map of the Soul : 7 is set to be unleashed today, February 21, 2020.


  1. Intro : Persona 
  2. 작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) (Feat. Halsey)
  3. Make It Right 
  4. Jamais Vu 
  5. Dionysus
  6. Interlude : Shadow 
  7. Black Swan 
  8. Filter
  9. 시차
  10. Louder than bombs 
  11. ON
  12. 욱 (UGH!)
  13. 00:00 (Zero O’Clock)
  14. Inner Child
  15. 친구
  16. Moon 
  17. Respect 
  18. We Are Bulletproof : the Eternal
  19. Outro : Ego 
  20. ON (Feat. Sia)

Our boy Troye Sivan recently revealed that he co-wrote track 10, Louder than bombs. 

Not to mention, BTS will appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on February 24 for a special episode. And by special I mean an extended interview on the subway, a performance of a new tune, and a casual tour to New York hot spots including Grand Central Terminal. Fallon will ask questions sent in from fans, so expect some goodies. AND, BTS’ Carpool Karaoke episode with James Corden will air the next day.