Britney Spears’ Latest Single “Work Bitch” Leaked

V. Important PSA: Britney Spears’ latest single, “Work Bitch” has been leaked early, much to her own dismay, spreading inspiring gurl power tendrils across the internet with the first release of her upcoming album.

And while the title may suggest that Britney’s referring to everyone’s loathed office asshole, judging by the inspiring lyrics designed to encourage ladies to work real hard so they can buy maseratis, the title should actually read “Work, Bitch” in a Jesse Pinkman-esque “Yeah bitch, Science!” sort of way, to haplessly string two completely irrelevant references together for you guys.

“Work Bitch” certainly isn’t Britney’s best work (bitch), but when you’re the kind of star that has Toxic, Canadian Tuxedos and Crossroads listed on their resume, it’s an arguably fierce battle to gain attention. “Work Bitch” was co-written by who will also be further involved in producing her eighth album due out this year; Britney has also been confirmed as appearing on Miley Cyrus‘ album, Bangerz.

It’s official, Britney is back.

Listen to “Work Bitch” below: