Folks at the Birdsville Big Red Bash festival absolutely smashed the record for the largest ever dance to ‘Nutbush City Limits’. Wow, really putting my primary school to shame.

According to the Big Red Bash team, 4,084 people had an absolute boogie to the classic Tina Turner banger. It took place below the 40-metre-high Big Red sand dune in the Simpson Desert, which is an incredibly atmospheric place to bust a move.

The previous world record was actually set at the Birdsville Big Red Bash in 2021, where 2,878 people danced the Nutbush.

God it’d be embarrassing messing up a step in front of that many people. I’d be rehearsing in my bedroom for weeks in anticipation.

The Nutbush performance also contributed to a fkn great cause: registrations for the event raised over $60,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The power of dance strikes again.

It cost $15 to register for the dance — a small price to pay for making history if you ask me.

Greg Donovan, the festival’s owner, described the dance as “fantastic” while speaking to the crowd.

“We all have a fantastic time doing this dance each year, and the money you pay to participate goes directly to the RFDS – every cent of it, so thank you so much,” he said.

“What a spectacular site to see. You are all legends!”

The festival scenes are absolutely epic. It’s very much giving Mad Max: Fury Road but way more fun.

Aussie Festivalgoers Broke The Record For Biggest Ever ‘Nutbush’ & Let’s Do The Macarena Next
Supplied / Matt Williams

11-year-old me would’ve been absolutely chomping at the bit to join in.

Nutbush is hands down the best primary school dance song — forget the YMCA. You simply cannot beat Ms Tina Turner.

It’s still truly baffling to me that the Nutbush is a peculiarly Australian phenomenon. Why did we decide every Australian child needed to know the moves? I don’t know, but I’m grateful we did — if only to absolutely confuse Americans.

BRB, going to go see if I can remember all the moves to the Nutbush. Consider my boots officially scooted

Image: Kath & Kim / Matt Williams