It’s Friday, and I think we’re due for a good bop to shake all the dust of the last few weeks off. I dunno where you are right now but it’s sunny and crisp outside, and although it feels like the anxiety about all of [waves arms vaguely] this is pressing down on me like a hydraulic compactor, the new track and video from the collective minds of KygoSarah Bahbah, and Tina fuckin’ Turner is raising my Need To Boogie levels drastically.

So please, join me in delighting in this new remix of a Tina Tuner classic banger for your Friday afternoon. It’s worth it.

After hinting for a while that they’ll be working together, Kygo dropped a remix of Tina Turner’s ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?‘ today, pairing it perfectly with a video of love and love lost from Palestinian-Australian artist Sarah Bahbah.

Check out the whole video below, if anything the remix itself is a helluva bop and yes I’ll be dancing to it, safely, responsibly, and gently in my own home until these lockdown restrictions lift.

If you’re not across Sarah’s work, she creates these pieces of art, near-renaissance still life captures with biting captions that comment on modern life, love, and loss.

Her Instagram is filled with her ongoing Subtitle Series that she kicked off in 2015, and has featured huge names like Cole and Dylan SprouseNoah Centineo, and Alexis Ren, and just constantly makes me sigh and mumble “ugh, mood” as I scroll through my feed.

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It’s not Sarah’s first time producing visuals for Kygo, and the fruits of their latest collab features Laura Harrier from Hollywood and BlacKkKlansman, and Charles Michael Davis from The OriginalsGrey’s Anatomy, and Younger in a very good exploration of fading love, emotional unavailability, and women reclaiming strength and sexuality after heartbreak.

Now BRB, I need to start on my Summer Hoon Tunes playlist.

Image: YouTube / KygoMusic