Best Coast’s Favourite TV Shows

One of our favourite leading ladies and pop star for the Tumblr generation, Bethany Cosentino returns to our shores this week. Best Coast’s 2009 debut ‘Crazy for You’ was full of lovelorn, lo-fi, surfy pop hits and they quickly became indie darlings thanks to Bethany’s hugely likeable online persona. Fast-forward a few years and the band are wrapping up their follow-up album with Jon Brion, and Bethany seems keen to shed some of the tired associations (cats and weed) she gets thanks to her prolific twitter account (@bestycoastyy). But there are some things she’ll always embrace (and that we can totally get behind)- like her love of television.

On her favourite TV shows…
My favourite TV show is Seinfeld. It was a staple throughout my adolescence, I watched it on TV with my Dad. I just always loved it and related to it.
I love 30 Rock. I think that’s the best show on TV right now. It’s hilarious and Tina Fey is totally awesome.

I do love reality TV. I’m a sucker for terrible shows- Jersey Shore is case in point.

There’s a show here ‘The Real Housewives….’ where the women don’t have jobs and live off their husbands money. My favourite of the franchise is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because the women on there are just so absurb and it’s so interesting to see what goes on there. Although I live in LA, I don’t experience Beverly Hills… ever!
I love The Sopranos. I obsessively watched it and I still do.
I also love Sex and the City. I’ve seen so many times and they play it all the time here. I’ve seen every episode a million times but it’s still the kinda show that I can watch and be totally entertained by it.
Dramas… I just got up to date with Boardwalk Empire which I’m really into.

I love Law & Order– SVU, Criminal Intent.
I loved Lost when that was on. I try not to get too into drama series just because I travel so much that I inevitably get into a show then I have to leave and I have to miss it. And by the time I get home and have all the episodes, I already know what happens because a character’s been killed off or I see on twitter that some character has cheated on their husband so it’s less entertaining.
I love TV. I can talk about TV all day if you want to?

On upcoming collaborations…
I do have something that I’m doing later this year that I’m really, really, really excited about but I’m not allowed to talk about it. It kills me because I just want to talk about it with everybody but not even my closest friends know. So yes I will be doing a big awesome collaboration at the end of the year. Place your bets?

Best Coast- Our Deal. Directed by Drew Barrymore and features Chloë Moretz and Donald Glover.

On Australia…
Actually I was thinking about that place Iku (Pedestrian suggested some vegan eats last time we spoke to Bethany) a few days ago and hoping that I got to eat there again. To be totally honest, I don’t love touring because sometimes you can get pretty homesick but we really loved Australia. It reminded all of us a lot of California- I loved the beautiful weather, people were all really friendly, good shopping, good food, the crowds were really great- what more can you want? So I really can’t wait!

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Jan 22 Big Day Out (Gold Coast)
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Jan 26 Big Day Out (Sydney)
Jan 28 The Corner Hotel (Melbourne)
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