Here’s Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino Singing A Song Made From Elaine Benes Quotes

She might be known mostly for making spacey, dreamy surf rock / beach pop about break-ups, but Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino has also done extraordinary work in the field of being a proud evangelist for 90s kitsch / trash culture. The sum of these two things puts her in a uniquely qualified position to do a song celebrating not just the 20-year anniversary of the end of Seinfeld, but also Elaine Benes‘ terrible love life.

Jerry (Maybe We Should Get Married) is a collaboration between Cosentino, Super Deluxe music man Nick Lutsko, and, a bit surprisingly, the Twitter account @Seinfeld2000, who contributed “unending knowledge of all things Seinfeld”.

The song absolutely bangs, which is unsurprising given the talent involved and also given that Super Deluxe only makes extremely good shit.