Rumours About A Potential Bardot Reunion Are Swelling & So Is My Face From Incessant Crying

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

There are whispers in the wind about a potential Bardot reunion, and if these whispers are fraudulent, I’ll be blowing a gale.

According to The Daily Telegraph, The Morning Show reached out to all former members – Sophie Monk, Belinda Chapple, Tiffani Wood, Sally Polihronas, Katie Underwood and Chantelle Barry – about potentially appearing on the show, with everyone agreeing to the gig apart from Sophie

“All five getting together is a low probability in my view,” Belinda allegedly told the publication. “Given the way the band was dissolved, I doubt that Sophie would be able to face the girls – and certainly not on television.”

If that quote is legit, that’s spicy as fuck, but I highly doubt a former band member would say Sophie wouldn’t be able “to face the girls”. Deceased.

So, with this in mind, it might be worth taking all of this gossip pertaining to a Bardot reunion with a grain of salt. That being said, we also deserve to revel in even the slightest hope that our favourite girl group could ~ potentially ~ reunite again… particularly as we face endless boredom and monotony in self-isolation.

For now, let’s relive the glorious masterpiece that was Bardot’s “Poison” music video and stream their iconic discography, which is now available to stream on Spotify: