Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s Dancers Protect The Royalty By Tackling Stage Crasher

Some bloke named Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell (four, count it FOUR first names = not to be trusted) tried to rush the stage at the Atlanta leg of Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s ‘On the Run II‘ concert on Saturday night, only to be held up (herrrrrrrrrrr) by the couple’s backing dancers.

According to TMZ – and plenty of video footage – 26-year-old Maxwell, hooligan/destroyer of worlds, ran up to the stage as Bey and Jay were on their way out, and managed to actually TOUCH Mr. Z: a fact confirmed to the gossip rag by so-called “law enforcement sources“.

Back-up dancers got into formation (this shit writes itself, I’m not sorry) to intercept the interloper before he made it backstage. He was then detained by security at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

See for yourself:

Cops gave Maxwell a citation for disorderly conduct, but did not formally arrest or charge him.

Honestly, at this point, we’re not sure whether to congratulate the dude for coming so close to greatness, for being so bold, so daring, or to admonish him for actually just being a major nonce.

Thankfully, according to Bey’s rep, the incident won’t have any impact on future shows – although security may be tightened. Fair nuff really.

Rumour has it that ‘On The Run II’ may make it to Straya in early 2019, and if it does, it’s pretty much guaranteed that if anyone’s rushing the stage, it’ll be some knob going for the nudie run. And we are THERE. FOR. THAT.