Remain Calm, But A Wild Rumour Reckons Beyoncé & Jay-Z Are About To Tour AUS

No need to panic just yet. Everything’s fine. It’s all under control. It’s just that there’s more-than-decent scuttlebutt that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are heading to Australia this summer and oh sweet mother of shit.

This rumour, which happens to be particularly juicy, states that the Queen and her King are on their way to Australia in early 2019 as part of the on-going On The Run II stadium tour of the world.

That particular run of dates currently has European and North American legs locked in, beginning on June 6th in Cardiff and culminating on October 4th in Seattle.

The Herald Sun‘s insanely tenuous Page 13 rumour file, however, swears black-and-blue that the show will be continuing into the southern hemisphere summer, asserting that a deal is “locked in” to bring the show to Melbourne and beyond.

If true, these shows would be Beyoncé’s first live appearances in Australia since 2013; the tour that spawned the Beyonce in Brunswick pandemonium as the Queen Bey randomly showed up in the inner Melbourne suburb to shoot footage for her No Angel film clip in front of a dilapidated cottage.

Now, take all of this with as many pinches of salt as you possibly can at this stage; this is one of those rank, whispery, outside rumours at best for the time being. Page 13 is one of those rumour-file columns better suited to a time where print media still ruled the roost and the internet erased the need for any mysterious cloak-wearing figures to serve as newspaper rumourmongers.

Still, where there’s smoke there’s fire, and the stars do seem to be aligning for a hot summer of gigs.

And frankly, none would ever be bigger than this.

Might be time to start saving the pennies up, kids.