Stage Intruder Who Chased Down Beyoncé & Jay-Z Charged With Battery

After rushing the stage at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium during the Atlanta leg of Beyonce & Jay-Z‘s On The Run II tour, and apparently managing to physically touch Jay-Z himself, 26-year-old fan Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell has been officially charged with battery. Guess this is why you don’t come for the crown.

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The whole incident went down during the show when Beyoncé and Jay-Z were exiting the stage with their backs to the crowd, when Maxwell jumped the barricade, fanged it up the stairs, zipped past the dancers and charged for Jay-Z – allegedly in an attempt to give him a what-for in regards to Jay’s infidelity to Beyoncé.

Backup dancers, performers and security (because of course, a gig like this is going to be crawling with seccos) were quick to act, crash-tackling Maxwell, holding him away from Bey and Jay, and keeping him secure until authorities could arrive.

Maxwell was initially charged with disorderly conduct and released but has since been pinged for simple battery, because Jesus Christ you can’t just have a straight up go at Beyoncé and Jay-Z and not get off lightly.

Reports from the show allege that Maxwell was apparently heard screaming abuse at Jay-Z throughout the show until the moment Maxwell intruded the stage and attempted to follow music’s power couple backstage.