Ariana’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Clip Is ‘Mean Girls’ & ‘Legally Blonde’ Worship

Ariana Grande has revealed the video for her platinum-selling single Thank U, Next will feature a veritable grab-bag of references to your favourite romantic comedies from the turn of the century, including Mean Girls and Legally Blonde.

Taking to Instagram, the singer posted a whole slab of piccies with content and captions referencing those cinematic mainstays. First came the references to 2004 hit Mean Girls, including some choice catchphrases from Tina Fey‘s mainstream breakthrough.

Then came the riffs on Legally Blonde, including a shot with the Weis Bar-coloured Apple laptop sported by Reese Witherspoon’s legendary law student Elle Woods, plus a photo mimicking the inflatable arrangement used by legendary pup Bruiser (RIP, king).

Then, to really ramp it up, she shared a sneaky pic of Legally Blonde alumnus Jennifer goddamn Coolidge – a woman Grande has flawlessly impersonated in the past.

After posting a couple of other images worshipping Legally Blonde on her Instagram Story, Grande also revealed that she’s taking reference from Jennifer Garner‘s 13 Going On 30 for her music video.

via @arianagrande
via @arianagrande
via @arianagrande

On Twitter, Grande confirmed there’s still one more film reference to come.

It’s a lot to take in, but when a your surprise single does platinum numbers, we guess you can do whatever the hell you want.

Expect the video, and its reverential worship of those flicks, to drop in the near future.